Furniture Fair.






Desk Palette &Traditon. Bench Handvärk. Lamp Extra Large Pendant Wästberg. Chair Throne New Tendency. Lounge Chair Haddoc Johanson.


Carpet Raining Circle Woud. Lamp Multilite Pendant Gubi. Mirror and coat hanger by Lisa Hilland.



Sofa POP Gärsnäs. Lamp Mobile Pholc. Chair Vinkelben Tre Sekel. Table Hanna Asplund.


Picture Design Bar: Massproductions. Picture ArkDes: Lotta Agaton.

This years Furniture Fair was really good to say the least. There was a sense of calmness at the fair this year. The color scheme was in perfect harmony in tones of terracotta, pink, orange, brown and black. The design of this years news that caught my eye were minimalistic yet complex. The overall feel of this years furniture fair was modern, mature and international. Just the way I like it!

This years Design Bar was designed by Andreas Martin-Löf. No Comments needed. The pictures above say it all. A collaboration with Massproductions. Flawless perfection.

The best exhibition this year was Designer Of The Year: Note Design Studio showed at ArkDes. A really inspiring exhibition curated by the amazing Lotta Agaton. Last year, Residence Magazine announced a new category during their annual award ceremony  – interior designer of the year, and this year they once again showed the importance of the stylists and interior designers power in the industry. Thank you for noticing us stylists and interior designers once again!

Now I’m looking forward to Milan in April! 🙂

Have a great monday!






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