Best of Formex.

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This years Formex fair in Stockholm was not as cluttered as usual which made it a lot easier making a summary of what I saw.

The color scheme floated in shades of pale mustard, different shades of pale dusty smaragd green and grayish blues. All which I love so much! Especially combined! And the bohemian influences are still on the map but a lot of them have been scaled down to a more minimalistic Scandinavian/Japanese touch.


Love that more producers had pieces that did not feel mass-produced and had a more one of a kind and handcrafted feeling.

Like the bedlinen above, from Tell Me More. In a beautiful mustard color with a nice detail – the stitching around the bedlinen edge. It’s in the smalest details people!

Studio Ek StudioEk_2 fc4bef40742251.578bbf84bc203

Studio Ek showed some amazing handmade one of a kind table ware pieces that really made me smile. A simple round shape that we have seen before but with a rugged surface and blended colors of green, blue and dark grey. Just beautiful!

RustMe_2 GalaxyOyster_RustMe Rust me3

A lot of vessels and little plates where shown this year. Like these handmade ecological oyster-like plates by Rust Me Design.

Lindform1 Lindform 3 Lindform2

I must say, I was pleased to see Lindform this year. Simply because they are always true to their original design, that never falls out of style. Their newest piece is this plate that can be used in various ways but even more beautiful with a trio och different shapes and colors of their own mini vases.


If you don’t have enough plates at home – get this one from Paradisverkstaden! I fell in love right away! This large plate with beautiful japanese inspired flower petals should always stand alone and empty. A true art piece.

Tranan_kuddfodral Tranan

These crane-patterned pillows have been my favorites ever since I saw the same pattern that Emma Von Brömssen did with  Eco Wallpaper. A pattern so classical and yet not quiet that you will never get bored of.


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