Our home is a complete mess right now. Theres so much dust and dirt everywhere from the renovation of our home. We are just a few weeks in and we still have at least 4 weeks left of this craziness soooo to keep my mind of things, I daydream. Not about palm trees and gorgeous beaches some place far away – but about lamps and rugs! Haha! I’m so messed up.


Anyhow, I’m thrilled to announce that one of my favorite carpet brands Layered Interior just launched their new collection of rugs in wool and in viscose. I’ve been trying to find and hoping for someone that will start making these in an affordable price range. I’m not sure which one to pick but I’m strongly considering the Benzatine in wool for our living room but knowing myself, I might change my mind when I see the other collection in viscose so I think I’ll wait a few more weeks. (Have I matured or what! ;-))

Lamps, lamps, lamps. I have so much love for lamps! The old classics, new cooler ones, cheep, expensive – I love them all! But, there is one that makes my heart beat a little bit faster – the Bai Ma Ma lamp bydesign duo Neri & Hu for Parachilna. Found it through some obscure little design magazine and when you think you’ve just stopped thinking about it, you see a similar one hanging in the window of Asplund store in Stockholm. When I’ve made up my mind on something, it just has to happen, so this little baby is coming home to us! And I’ve got the perfect spot for it! You see pics of it as soon as it’s installed!

Laters! 🙂

web_entrance_shop-544x880 web_wool_byzantine-430x637 web_parachilna-baimama-lamps-01



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